Frequently asked Questions


There was an error, Copyfile did not work (313, umain)

This error can occur in different cases. Please check the following things:
  • Did you run MCPatcher as administrator?
  • Did you configure the option PatchSource?
    • The given file shouldn't be saved here: %appdata%\.minecraft\bin\minectraft.jar. If it is please copy it to another place and reconfigure the option.
  • Have you closed Mincecraft before trying to change its' version?

Why is the program so big?

The size of MCPatcher is so large because it needs very much data to be able to change to this much versions.

Is there a Mac Version?

No, there is no Mac version an I will never produce one.
(Emails with this question will be deleted instantly)

Whats the difference between MCPatcher and MCPatcher Pro?

MCPatcher only contains the most important minecraft versions,
while MCPatcher Pro contains nearly all Minecraft Versions.
So which one is the best for you? Therefor just think about which version you want to play.
If you just want to switch between for example 1.5.1 and 1.4.7 then you should use MCPatcher.
If you want to play versions like 1.4.3, because you want to take advantage of a bug in it, you should download MCPatcher Pro.

If you have another question or a problem, then contact me here, please.
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